Laser Gum Treatment 

Our office has recently acquired the award-winning dental laser, NV® Microlaser. This top-of-the-line soft tissue laser is the 2015 winner amongst all soft-tissue lasers according to the Dental Advisor independent dental product ratings. The NV Microlaser can gently and effectively treat gum disease and other gum conditions, such as gum overgrowth over wisdom teeth. It produces a very narrow intense beam of light energy. This beam of light has the ability to remove infected gum tissues in a periodontal pocket or an overgrowth of gum in certain areas in the mouth. Lasers have become an invaluable asset in our office because very precise treatments can be performed with minimal bleeding and swelling due to the laser’s exceptional ability to seal blood vessels and nerve endings.

We use our laser to:

  • Reduce or even remove cold sores
  • Assist in periodontal treatment and some oral surgeries
  • Reduce pain and bleeding during the procedure
  • Minimize post-op discomfort and decrease healing time, so you are back to feeling yourself in no time

The NV Microlaser is intended to be used for oral soft tissue surgery, including sulcular debridement of diseased fibrous tissue, gingivectomy, gingivoplasty, lesion (tumor) removal, fibroma removal, tissue retraction, aphthous ulcers, gingival hyperplasia (excision and recontour), crown lengthening, operculectomy, frenectomy, and photocoagulation. In addition, the NV Microlaser may be used for periodontal procedures, including laser soft tissue curettage, laser removal of diseased, infected, inflamed or necrosed soft tissue within the periodontal pocket, removal of highly inflamed edematous tissue affected by bacteria penetration of the pocket lining, and junctional epithelium.